Airdrop bulletin

It introduces the information of air drop of cryptocurrency with the procedure. If you read the article carefully and follow the steps, it may be of great benefit in the future.

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With the ability to automatically arbitrage, this wallet keeps increasing your assets little by little every day.


Tokens distributed as dividends can already be used to pay for medical checkups at hospitals in Japan.


We also support insurance payments, and we plan to partner with shopping and gaming in the future.




 Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Download the app from the link. iPhone    android
  2. Phone number authentication and account registration.
  3. You can not register without the introduction code.【vSUiGKBS36】
  4. Deposit $ 1000 or more of assets into the wallet.
  5. Open Apollo's tab to lock $ 1000 into Apollo, and switch on Apollo.
  6. Assets will increase each time you open the screen every day!